Montreal Dermatology Research Institute Launches New Website and Grant Program

[MONTREAL, QUEBEC – December 15, 2021] The Montreal Dermatology Research Institute (MDRI) will soon be unveiling its new website and introducing a multi-year grant program to accelerate research into skin-related neglected tropical diseases (NTD). This unique funding opportunity will help raise awareness and inspire studies in an area of dermatology that has historically suffered from more limited availability of funding.

Skin-related NTDs are primarily infectious conditions that are mostly present in developing countries. Representing nearly half of all NTDs, they are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. The MDRI’s research grant program will support the work of scientists in the field with the goal of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these debilitating afflictions.

“The Montreal Dermatology Research Institute is proud to fund studies on skin-related NTDs conducted by local researchers,” says Dr. Robert Bissonnette, one of the organization’s founders. “This program has the potential to not only drive clinical research, but to also pave the way to new interventions that can have a significant impact on the quality of life of individuals.”

The MDRI’s grant program is open to any independent researcher who holds a primary academic appointment at one of Montreal’s four universities (i.e., University of Montreal, McGill University, Université du Québec à Montréal or Concordia University). For more information on the program or on the application process, visit the MDRI’s website.

About the Montreal Dermatology Research Institute

The Montreal Dermatology Research Institute (MDRI) is a registered charity founded in 2017 by three Quebec-based dermatologists: Dr. Catherine Maari, Dr. Chantal Bolduc and Dr. Robert Bissonnette. Its mission is to promote education and carry out research on the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases.

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